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Funny baby with a knife and fork eating food


The widespread return of “home cooking” is good news for children.

Fun and creative, home cooking allows you to use pure, seasonal produce which young and old alike will find delicious!

Mum made it
Mum’s cooking is seasoned with love and has a special taste which provides the very foundation of wonderful childhood memories.
It is also now known that passing on a diverse range of foods and flavours is hugely important for children’s future dietary balance and short- and long-term health.

Recipes for every age
Modern mums want recipes which are original, well-balanced, easy and quick to prepare.

To ensure that baby eats well, FRANCE LAIT has put together a collection of lovely little dishes to cook for them, and has had their composition and balance checked by dieticians.

Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby. It naturally contains everything your baby needs to grow.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends feeding your baby exclusively with breast milk up to the age of 6 months. France Lait Laboratory supports this recommendation & therefore prohibits all communication on infant formulas (0-6 months).