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Having someone mind baby

Whether for an hour or a whole day, the time will come, too quickly in your opinion, when you will be obliged to leave your little angel under someone else’s protection. It might help to get past this milestone by reminding yourself this is their first step towards independence!

>A family member? An early childhood professional? A crèche?

Take your time and carefully choose the childminding option which seems best to you, allowing baby to get to know this new face or new location. If baby senses that you are comfortable, they will be reassured and content with what is happening.

Contact with other children will develop their sociability, the variety of their play and their new discoveries. Any change in baby’s life is a source of progress, especially if you ensure that the transition takes place smoothly.
Useful info: explain to them that you will be back very soon, even if they do not seem to understand.
Do not let them pick up on your nervousness at leaving them in the hands of other people.
Leave them with a little reminder of their familiar surroundings: their favourite cuddly toy and a t-shirt you have worn and which still smells of your perfume. They will go to sleep contentedly when reassured by the scent.

Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby. It naturally contains everything your baby needs to grow.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends feeding your baby exclusively with breast milk up to the age of 6 months. France Lait Laboratory supports this recommendation & therefore prohibits all communication on infant formulas (0-6 months).