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Baby’s growth


In the first few years of their life, your child will grow very quickly. Growth curves enable you to track the development of their weight and height step by step, and are an excellent way for the doctor to monitor your baby’s health.


Useful info: If baby was already larger and heavier than average at birth, they will normally stay that way. The same applies if they were smaller and thinner. Your doctor will tell you when checking their growth curve: the important thing is that they stay within their “corridor” between two curves.

Growth guidelines

Repères de croissances

Immediately after birth, baby will lose a few grams. Once their weight stabilises, they will gain around:

Age group Weight gain
0-3 months 30 to 25g per day
3-6 months 25 to 20g per day
6-9 months 20 to 15g per day
9-12 months 15 to 10g per day

Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby. It naturally contains everything your baby needs to grow.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends feeding your baby exclusively with breast milk up to the age of 6 months. France Lait Laboratory supports this recommendation & therefore prohibits all communication on infant formulas (0-6 months).